10 Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

Betting apps for horse racing have completely changed how fans interact with the sport. In the past placing a bet on a horse race usually involved visiting a bookmaker in person or using a platform on a computer.. Now thanks to mobile technology betting apps have made it possible to enjoy the thrill of horse racing right from your phone. These apps offer convenience, live updates and a wide range of betting options catering to both bettors and those new to the sport.

Our Betting Apps Comparison Table

We've put together a comparison table featuring the top 10 horse racing betting apps in the UK. This table reflects our knowledge and experience in this area (mainly drawing from my expertise since Jack's strengths lie elsewhere other than smartphone technology and app knowledge. Sorry Jack...). In our comparison you'll discover ratings for each app showcasing their special welcome bonuses for new users. Additionally - we've included links to each app for your convenience. Please be aware that these links are affiliate links that help support our blog and enable us to keep delivering content to our readers.

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Best Horse Racing Betting Apps in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Betting applications have become a game changer providing an efficient and dynamic platform for both experienced bettors and newcomers. This guide will explore the elements that distinguish the top horse racing betting apps in the UK without focusing on specific brands or applications. The goal is to offer an overview to help users understand what qualities to seek in an ideal betting app.

Key Features of Top Horse Racing Betting Apps

The finest horse racing betting apps in the UK are recognized for features that elevate the betting experience. These attributes not enhance user friendliness but also create a comprehensive betting environment.

  • User Interface and Design: The initial impression users get from a betting app is its interface. Top apps typically boast an intuitive design that facilitates easy navigation. This includes access to various races betting choices and account management features. A crafted app should cater to both novices and seasoned bettors by providing clear instructions and a streamlined layout.
  • Live Streaming and Real Time Updates: Live streaming plays a role in horse racing betting apps.Users can enjoy watching races, which not only adds thrill but also assists in making well informed betting choices. In addition to live streaming real time updates on race conditions, odds and results play a role. These updates ensure that bettors have up to date information available which is essential for last minute bets or adjusting strategies.
  • Diverse Betting Choices: Leading apps provide an array of betting options to cater to various preferences. From win, place and each way bets to more intricate wagers like accumulators, forecasts and tricasts the variety accommodates different risk appetites and levels of expertise making the app appealing to a broader audience.
  • Incorporation of Data and Analytics: Advanced horse racing betting apps often include detailed data and analytics tools. These tools offer insights on horses, jockeys, trainers as well as statistics and form guides. Such information proves invaluable, for bettors who rely on data driven approaches when placing their bets.
  • Mobile Payment Options: The convenience of managing finances is another factor. Top notch apps offer user friendly payment methods including credit/debit cards, e wallets and bank transfers. Efficient and smooth transactions contribute to a betting experience overall.

Legal and Security Aspects

When it comes to using horse racing betting apps in the UK following requirements and ensuring security are essential. These aspects play a role not only in maintaining the integrity of the betting process but also in safeguarding user interests.

  • Compliance with Laws and Licensing: In the UK it is mandatory for all betting apps to comply with regulations established by the UK Gambling Commission. This involves acquiring a licence that guarantees the app operates within ethical boundaries. The licensing procedure is rigorous covering areas such as ensuring play protecting minors and adhering to anti money laundering regulations. Users should always confirm that a betting app holds a licence from the UK Gambling Commission to ensure a secure betting environment.
  • Data and Privacy: Given the growing concerns surrounding data privacy leading horse racing betting apps implement measures to safeguard user data. This includes encrypting financial information, maintaining secure servers and adhering to privacy laws, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A secure app provides users with assurance that their information is shielded from access or breaches.
  • Promoting Responsible Gambling: Responsible gambling practices are emphasised in the UKs betting industry.Many popular apps include features that encourage gambling behaviours. These features may include setting deposit limits, options for self exclusion and reminders to users about their time spent on the app. By incorporating tools these apps help prevent gambling addiction and promote a healthier approach to betting.
  • Ensuring Security: Security plays a role in the operation of any betting app. This involves protecting users from hacking, fraud and other online risks. Leading apps employ security measures such as two factor authentication, regular security checks and secure payment gateways to safeguard users and their finances.

Comparing Betting Odds and Payouts

Having a grasp of betting odds and payouts is essential when using horse racing betting apps. This section delves into the variations in these aspects. Advises bettors on what to consider for optimising their betting strategies.

  • Understanding Odds: Odds are fundamental in the realm of betting as they reflect the probability of an outcome and dictate winnings. In the UK odds are commonly presented in form (e.g., 5/1 10/1). The betting apps offer competitive odds that translate to higher potential returns, for bettors. It's crucial for users to compare odds from apps for the same race to ensure they are receiving optimal value.
  • Differences in Payouts: Payout amounts can vary significantly across apps. The diversity in payouts is often influenced by factors such as the odds provided the type of bet made and the specific app policies. Certain apps may offer attractive payouts for particular types of bets like accumulators or specific race events. Users should be mindful of these variations. Opt for apps that offer payout terms that align with their preferred betting style.
  • Calculation of Odds and Transparency: Leading horse racing betting apps are transparent in explaining how they calculate odds. They typically employ algorithms that take into account various factors, including the form of the horse track conditions and the performance of the jockey. Understanding this calculation process can empower bettors to make informed choices. Apps that provide insights into odds calculation enhance trust and transparency.
  • Payout Efficiency: The efficiency of the payout procedure plays a role in user satisfaction. Top tier apps ensure a payout process with clear guidelines and swift transfer of winnings. Delays or complications in payouts can dissuade users significantly: hence apps that handle this process efficiently are usually held in esteem.

User Experience and Customer Support

  • Enhancing User Experience: A top notch betting application ensures an user experience by focusing on easy navigation, speed and app stability. With a layout users can swiftly locate desired races, place bets and view their account details. Customizable interfaces, clear fonts and logical navigation paths all contribute to an enjoyable experience. Moreover the app should perform consistently across different network conditions to provide a reliable user experience.
  • App Functionality and Features: In addition to functions incorporating advanced features like real time race updates, interactive racecards and in app betting suggestions can greatly enhance user satisfaction. Some apps even offer tools for race data analysis catering to experienced bettors. The seamless integration of these features ensures an informative. Clutter free interface for users.
  • Customer Support Quality: Providing customer support is fundamental for any service oriented platform. In the realm of horse racing betting apps this entails offering useful and professional assistance through various channels such as live chat, email support or phone assistance. Including FAQs and help sections, within the app further enhances the overall customer support experience.
    Providing customer service goes beyond just helping users solve problems: it also helps establish trust and confidence in the application.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: When designing an app it's crucial to consider accessibility and inclusivity. Features like compatibility with screen readers and user friendly layouts for individuals with disabilities are factors. An inclusive app that caters to a range of users shows a dedication to offering an equal experience, for everyone.



BoyleSports, a popular betting company in the UK and Ireland is highly regarded for its wide selection of sports betting options and easy to use platform.The BoyleSports app is highly popular for its selection of horse racing and football markets as well as a variety of other sports offerings. It has been designed with user features in mind allowing for easy navigation, quick access to different betting options and live betting functionalities. BoyleSports stands out for its odds especially in major sports categories. The app's interface is intuitive. Caters to both beginners and seasoned bettors alike. It includes features such as live betting, cash out capabilities and regular updates on sporting events to enhance the overall betting experience.

Apart from its sportsbook section BoyleSports also provides gambling services like casino games, poker and bingo on the same platform. This integrated approach allows for a transition between different forms of gambling. BoyleSports is known for promoting gambling practices by offering tools like deposit limits, time out features and self exclusion options to help users manage their betting habits effectively.


  • Diverse Sports Coverage: Offers a range of sports markets including horse racing, football and more, with competitive odds.
  • Integrated Gambling Services: This platform offers a range of betting options, including a casino, poker and bingo to enhance the betting experience.
  • User Friendly Interface: The app is user friendly. Designed to cater to all levels of betting expertise for easy navigation.
  • Live Betting and Streaming: Users can enjoy live betting opportunities and streaming services for sports events on this platform.
  • Responsible Gambling Tools: The platform prioritises betting practices by offering various responsible gambling features to promote responsible gaming habits.


  • Promotional Terms: Some promotions come with terms and conditions that may be confusing for users to understand fully.
  • Limited Global Access: BoyleSports primarily targets the UK and Irish markets, which could limit its appeal to users from countries.
  • Customer Support Response Time: At times customer support response times may be slow during peak hours impacting user experience.
  • App Performance Issues: Some users have reported technical glitches and performance issues while using the app.
  • Complex Navigation for Beginners: New users might face challenges navigating through the range of options available on the platform initially.

LiveScore Bet


LiveScore Bet has quickly made a name for itself in the betting industry establishing itself as a strong competitor. The LiveScore Bet platform is well regarded for its selection of betting options across various sports such as football, tennis, cricket and horse racing.

The design of the app prioritises user friendliness to ensure an efficient experience for all users whether they are newcomers or seasoned bettors. A key highlight of LiveScore Bet is its odds, particularly for major sporting events. The app offers a variety of betting options ranging from win/lose bets to more complex accumulators and system bets.

Moreover LiveScore Bet stands out by including a streaming feature that allows users to watch sports events in real time while placing bets. This combination of viewing and betting creates an immersive and exciting gambling atmosphere. In terms of security LiveScore Bet places an emphasis on safeguarding user data and financial transactions to provide a secure betting platform. Additionally the app regularly introduces bonuses and promotions that appeal to both existing users.


  • Wide Range of Betting Options: Provides sports markets and bet types. Competitive Odds: Known for offering odds especially for major sports competitions.
  • Live Streaming Feature: Enables live streaming of sports events to enhance the betting experience.
  • User Friendly Interface: navigation suitable for bettors, at all skill levels.
  • Regular Promotions: Offers promotions to enhance the overall betting enjoyment.


  • Availability in Certain Regions: LiveScore Bet may not be accessible in some areas.
  • Customer Support Challenges: Users might encounter delays in receiving assistance from customer support.
  • Scarce Casino Gaming Choices: The casino section lacks variety compared to its sports betting offerings.
  • In Play Betting Delays: There could be delays in updating odds during live events.
  • Payment Options Limitation: Spreadex offers payment methods than some of its larger competitors.



Spreadex is a known betting platform based in the UK renowned for its unique mix of sports spread betting and fixed odds betting. This distinctive feature sets Spreadex apart from other platforms providing users with a diverse range of betting options. The platform caters to both bettors and those interested in exploring the intricacies of spread betting, where wins and losses are determined by the accuracy of the bet rather than a simple win or lose outcome.

When it comes to sports coverage Spreadex offers a range of options including horse racing, football, cricket and more with a wide selection of markets for each sport. The app features an user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation, between different types of bets and sports.

Spreadex is well known for its betting feature allowing users to place bets on ongoing events, which adds an element of excitement to the world of sports betting.


  • Unique Betting Options: Offers a mix of sports spread betting and fixed odds betting catering to a diverse audience of bettors.
  • Wide Range of Sports Coverage: Provides an array of sports and markets for betting opportunities.
  • Live Betting Feature: Allows users to engage in real time betting across various sports enhancing the overall betting experience.
  • User Friendly App Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind accommodating both novice and seasoned bettors.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Generally commended for its prompt customer service.


  • Complexity of Spread Betting: Novice users may find spread betting intricate and risky potentially resulting in losses.
  • Limited Promotions: In comparison to other platforms Spreadex may offer fewer promotional deals and bonuses.
  • App Design and Features: While functional the apps design and features might not be as cutting edge or comprehensive, as newer platforms.
  • Limited Global Reach: Primarily aimed at the UK market which could restrict its international appeal.
  • No Casino Games Integration: Unlike some competitors Spreadex concentrates on sports betting without incorporating casino games.



Bet365 is widely known as an online betting platform with a broad selection of betting options and innovative features. It caters to a variety of sports such as football, horse racing, tennis and cricket offering betting markets for each sport. Users appreciate the user design of the Bet365 app making it easy to navigate and access different features suitable for both experienced bettors and beginners entering the online betting world.

A standout feature of Bet365 is its streaming service that allows users to watch sports events in real time directly through the app. This feature along with in play betting choices adds excitement to the betting experience by enabling bettors to engage with their favourite sports as they happen. The app also provides statistics and live scores to assist users in making well informed betting decisions. Apart from its sportsbook offerings Bet365 includes casino games, poker rooms and bingo games to provide an online gambling experience.


  •  Diverse Sports Coverage: Offers a range of sports and diverse betting markets.
  • Live Streaming Service: Enhances the betting experience, by providing streams of various sporting events.
  • User Friendly Interface: The application has a user design that makes it easy to navigate and use.
  • Betting Options: Users can place bets on ongoing events in real time.
  • Incorporated Gaming Services: The platform offers a variety of gambling options, including casino games, poker and bingo.


  • Steep Learning Curve for New Users: Beginners may find the multitude of choices. Features are overwhelming.
  • Promotional Terms and Conditions: Certain promotions and bonuses have terms that might be intricate.
  • Geographical Restrictions: Despite its popularity Bet365 is unavailable in some countries due to local regulations.
  • Customer Service: Although customer support is accessible, response times may vary, during peak hours.
  • App Performance Issues: Some users might encounter technical difficulties or glitches while using the app.

Virgin Bet

Virgin Bet

Virgin Bet, a newcomer in the betting industry has swiftly made a name for itself particularly in the UK market. Drawing on the Virgin brand this platform offers a straightforward and tailored sports betting experience. The user friendly and intuitive app caters to bettors of all levels featuring an interface that simplifies navigation across various sports and betting options.

A standout feature of Virgin Bet is its coverage of horse racing and football, two popular markets in the UK. Alongside these offerings the app provides a variety of sports for a diverse betting experience. Live betting enhances the app's appeal by allowing users to wager on events. While Virgin Bet may not offer as sports and markets as established competitors it differentiates itself through competitive odds and an emphasis on quality.


  • Ease of Use: The apps design makes it accessible to both novices and experienced bettors.Virgin Bet places an emphasis on popular sports with in depth coverage of major events such as horse racing and football. They are renowned for providing odds across various sports markets and offering live betting options for real time event wagering. The brand benefits from its association with the Virgin name.


  • On the downside Virgin Bets sports selection is somewhat limited compared to competitors although they excel in popular sports. Unlike some platforms they do not offer live streaming of sporting events. Additionally their promotional offers may not be as extensive or frequent as those found on established betting platforms due to their relative newness in the market. As a player Virgin Bet may lack some features and experience present in long standing betting apps. Their primary focus is on the UK market potentially limiting appeal to users.



BetVictor has established itself as a player in online betting particularly well known for its strong presence in both the UK and European markets. The platform stands out for its sportsbook that caters to a wide range of betting preferences across various sports, like football, horse racing, tennis and more.

The app really catches the eye with its contemporary design, blending style with practicality. Its user friendly interface ensures that both newcomers and seasoned bettors can easily move around the app. One notable feature of BetVictor is its odds often considered among the best in the industry especially for football betting.

Apart from its sportsbook BetVictor also offers a casino, live casino and virtual sports options catering to a diverse range of gamblers. The seamless integration of these services in the app allows users to switch between types of betting effortlessly. BetVictor is also recognized for its betting tools like the "Bet Builder," enabling users to customise their bets. The platform puts an emphasis on responsible gambling by providing tools and resources to assist users in managing their betting activities sensibly.


  • Diverse Betting Markets: Provides extensive coverage across a variety of sports.
  • Strong Odds: excels in offering competitive odds for football matches.
  • Innovative Betting Features: Includes features such as the "Bet Builder."
  • Incorporated Casino and Live Casino: Offers a rounded gambling experience.
  • Intuitive App Design: The app is user friendly and easy to navigate.


  •  Promotional Deals: The range and quality of promotions may not always measure up to those offered by competitors.
  • Customer Assistance: While support is available response times can vary, especially during busy periods.
  • Live Streaming Availability: The selection of live streaming options is not as extensive as what some other major betting platforms provide.
  • App Performance: Some users might experience occasional technical glitches or slowdowns while using the app.
  • Target Market: Primarily catering to the UK and European markets, which could limit its appeal to bettors in regions.

Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos

Renowned for its casino presence Grosvenor Casinos has expanded into the online betting realm with a focus on delivering a comprehensive gambling experience. The Grosvenor Casinos betting platform stands out for integrating a sportsbook with a well rounded online casino. This unique combination attracts a range of users from sports betting enthusiasts to casino game fans.

The sportsbook section at Grosvenor Casinos offers sports betting options with a special focus on popular UK sports, like horse racing, football and cricket. The app is user friendly ensuring navigation and a simple betting process.This simplicity is quite attractive to users while also providing the depth and variety that seasoned bettors look for. When it comes to odds Grosvenor Casinos remains competitive by offering favourable odds across various sports markets.


  • Integrated Sportsbook and Casino: Seamlessly combines sports betting with casino gaming.
  • User Friendly Interface: Both the app and website are designed for navigation and user friendliness.
  • Competitive Odds in Sportsbook: Presents appealing odds across a range of sports.
  • Strong Brand Reputation: Capitalises on the known Grosvenor brand recognized for its physical casinos.
  • Diverse Betting Options: Accommodates betting preferences effectively.


  • Limited Promotional Offers: Might have promotions compared to some online only competitors.
  • Focus on UK Sports Niche: While it includes sports there's a notable emphasis on UK sports that may limit appeal to global bettors.
  • Customer Support Response Times: Support is accessible. Response times can vary.
  • Limited Live Streaming Choices: The live streaming of sporting events isn't as extensive, as some platforms.
  • App Performance and Features: While functional the app might lack advanced features and technical polish found in competitors specialising exclusively in online betting.



1Bet is an online betting platform that has caught the eye of sports betting enthusiasts. With its selection of betting options 1Bet caters to a diverse range of bettors covering everything from mainstream sports like football and tennis to more specialised markets in eSports and virtual sports. The platform boasts a user interface that is both simple to use and visually appealing making it welcoming for newcomers while still offering the complexity needed by seasoned bettors.

One notable aspect of 1Bet is its odds, particularly attractive during major sporting events. Users can also enjoy betting enabling them to participate in real time sports action and enhancing the thrill of their betting experience. Alongside sports betting 1Bet features a variety of casino games ensuring a gambling experience. The platform prioritises security and responsible gaming by implementing safeguards to create an environment for its users.


  • Wide Range of Betting Options: Provides a selection of sports and markets including live betting and eSports.
  • Competitive Odds: Renowned for offering odds across various sports.
  • User Friendly Interface: Easy to use platform, for both novice and seasoned bettors. 1Bet offers a selection of casino games in addition to its sportsbook prioritising security and responsible gaming. The platform ensures security measures and advocates for responsible betting habits.


  • Slow response times in customer support.
  • Limited promotional offers compared to larger platforms.

Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure that a betting site is safe and secure?

To verify the safety and security of a betting platform you should look for sites that hold licences from authorities. Moreover trustworthy platforms employ encryption technologies to safeguard your financial details.

Is it possible to set limits on my betting activities?

Many responsible betting sites provide tools for setting deposit or betting limits. These tools are part of efforts to promote gambling and prevent potential issues related to excessive gambling.

What steps should I take if I suspect I have a gambling problem?

If you think you may be facing a gambling problem it's crucial to seek assistance. Most platforms offer links to support and resources as well as options like self exclusion.

Can I place sports bets using my device?

Certainly! The majority of betting platforms offer mobile applications or websites optimised for mobile devices enabling you to place wagers conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

How can I cash out my winnings?

Typically winnings can be withdrawn using the methods used for deposits, such, as bank transfers or e wallets. However withdrawal procedures vary among platforms so it's advisable to review their guidelines.

Are there any charges associated with depositing or withdrawing funds?

While some platforms may impose fees for types of transactions many offer free deposit and withdrawal services. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of the platform for information.

How do bookmakers decide on betting odds?

Bookmakers set betting odds by considering factors like team/player performance, past statistics and market trends. The odds may differ across platforms.

Is it possible to watch sports on betting sites?

Certain betting sites provide streaming for sports events although this feature can vary. Its availability is influenced by the platform, your location and broadcasting rights, for the event.