What is a Trixie Bet in Horse Racing?

What is a Trixie Bet in Horse Racing?

Just like in other forms of sports betting, Horse Racing is also characterised by the use of so many different strategies. Well, Trixie is one of them, an intriguing betting method that can be found in other sports as well, but is primarily associated with horse racing. It is popular because it offers a unique blend of risk management and the potential for big wins. And, as the name suggests it’s about three outcomes, where only two of three lead to winning. Such an interesting strategy definitely deserves a more detailed look, so buckle up as we are about to check it from every aspect. 

So, What Would Be a Trixie Bet?

Trixie bet is a well-known bookie combination bet commonly used in horse and sports betting. It is usually supported by a broad in the street gambler due to the share of profits and percentage of a cover in case some of the bets are lost. The bet includes three different, not-matched selections, which means three horses in three different horse races.

So, What Would Be a Trixie Bet?

Let’s check how a Trixie bet works:

Three Doubles

In a Trixie bet, three of the four bets you place are doubles. These doubles involve all possible combinations of two out of your three selections. Let's continue with our hypothetical horse selections, named A, B, and C, to illustrate how these doubles work:

AB Double: This means you're betting on the outcomes of two races involving horses A and B. Here's how it works:

  • If horse A wins its race and horse B wins its race, your AB double is successful, and you'll receive a payout based on the combined odds of A and B.
  • If horse A wins but horse B loses, or if horse B wins but horse A loses, your AB double is unsuccessful, and you won't receive any returns from this part of the bet.
  • If both horse A and horse B lose, your AB double is also unsuccessful.

AC Double: Similarly, the AC double involves betting on the outcomes of two races involving horses A and C. It works in the same way as the AB double, but it concerns horses A and C instead.

BC Double: The BC double involves betting on the outcomes of two races involving horses B and C. Again, it operates in the same manner as the other doubles but focuses on horses B and C.

There is a crux, though. Each of these doubles is a separate bet, meaning they have their potential outcomes and their respective odds, if any. A double is dependent on whether the two horses picked by the better win their races. If such is the case and both horses are in a double win, the particular double bet works, and more so, you will receive a payout based on the given odds for the two horses. 

As already hinted, there are several bets in this whole Trixie form, and since there are three doubles, one treble and one Trixie, you are essentially making multiple bets meaning that you will spend much more than a single bet. The payouts will also differ depending on the likelihood of the treble or double, or the outcomes depending on the horses chosen. In short, the three doubles in the bet allow you to consider all possible combinations between two of the three selections in distinct races. 

This means that such can be used as an insurance option for the better as you can still make successful money if two are doing well compared to the other. The catch in the latter option, however, is that each double is a specific, separate bet meaning that each works independently with only two of the horses involved in the dual win. 

One Treble

In a Trixie bet, one of the four bets you place is a treble. The treble is a multiple bet that includes all three of your selections together in a single wager. To illustrate this, let's continue using our hypothetical horse selections, named A, B, and C:

ABC Treble: This is where you combine all three horses you’ve picked. It works in this way: 

  • To win this treble, all three of your selected horses must win their respective races (i.e., horse A, horse B, and horse C must all finish first in their races).
  • If all three horses win, your ABC treble is successful, and you'll receive a payout based on the combined odds of horses A, B, and C.
  • If any one of your selected horses loses its race, the ABC treble is unsuccessful, and you won't receive any returns from this part of the bet.

The treble represents the “get rich or go home” wager in a Trixie. It carries greater potential returns than the doubles without including complexity since all three horses winning will generally be more often at higher odds. On the contrary, the risk is enhanced. In case just a single bet fails, the treble will be deemed lost, meaning you will not receive a return from the treble leg of the wager. 

The treble component of the Trixie makes up most of the possible payoff when all three bets are successful. The possibility of payout through combined odds of three winning bets is considerably higher. However, it is essential to note that a treble can be harder to achieve than the double element, primarily because the latter requires three bets to win. 

Therefore, the treble in the Trixie is a single bet combining all three horses you selected. For the bet to pay off, you must win all three of them. While the return can be considerable, it is simultaneously riskier since failing just one bet means zero return on the treble segment of the Trixie.

One Treble

Advantages of Trixie Bet

As mentioned, the Trixie bet is one of the most popular multiple bets in horse racing and if you haven’t figured out yet why is that – well, it’s because of the numerous benefits. Let’s check a few of them, the biggest advantages:

  • Insurance for Multiple Selections: The most critical advantage of a Trixie bet is that it offers you some insurance for multiple selections. A Trixie requires you to select three different horses or outcomes. Unlike a traditional accumulator bet, where all outcomes must win to generate any return, you can still make money If only two of your three selections win. Essentially, you shield one losing selection, which can be beneficial for something as unpredictable as horse racing.
  • Reduced Risk: As a Trixie comprises three doubles and a treble, it spreads the risk over several bets. Even if one or two of your selections fail, you will earn money from the successful doubles. This reduced risk can make betting more enticing to those who wish to do whatever it takes to avoid the effect of a single poor selection.
  • Potential for High Returns: Although a Trixie can provide you with some protection, it also allows you to earn a lot more cash than placing single wagers. If all these selections win their respective races, you will be paid for all four of those bets in the Trixie, earning a considerable profit. This may be most appealing when you have a high level of certainty regarding your selections.
  • Flexibility: Trixie bets can be tailored to meet your betting requirements. You can also select any three selections, whether horses in separate races, teams in different sports, or any other events you want to gamble on.
  • Variety of Betting Markets: Although Trixie bets aren’t restricted to horse racing, you can also use the Trixie format on other sports such as football, tennis, and golf by picking three different selections from various events.
  • Enjoyment of Multiple Races: A Trixie bet ensures you also have an interest in multiple races because you are betting on more than one event. This enhances your engagement and appreciation of the sports you are betting on, as you will have an investment in multiple races rather than only one.

However, one should not forget about the downside of betting – it is never possible to insure winnings. Trixie bet is less risky than other options, however, with some bad luck OT if none of the chosen athletes win, you may lose money. To sum all this up, make sure that all of your bets follow the most important thing – the rules of responsible betting, particularly the thing called the fixed budget.


In short, a Trixie bet would be a type of multiple bet that bettors love to use in horse racing for obvious reasons. It has the double of three doubles and one treble with three selections. This offers a significant advantage since its safety net means that you can still make a return even if only 2 of the 3 selections you have chosen are successful. In addition to that, there would be opportunities for much greater winnings if all 3 choices are correct. Moreover, it allows for even more involvement and thrill across the board. Nevertheless, gambling without safeguards should be discouraged.

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